Sunday, 25 July 2010

Old Spice / New Spice

Thanks to Nathan for these truly wonderful links. I thought I loved the old spice guy, but new spice is just so much better. Watch the top video first and then the parody below.


I have laughed and talked so much this weekend that I have lost my voice. It has been wonderful.

Just when I was starting to feel that Sunday sadness in my belly, I came across this magical book by Dallas Clayton. Below is a little example of its loveliness. You can read it for free here.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

If I had a car I would drive away from here and keep driving. Not because I don't like this place, and not because I have anywhere else to be, but because the movement of escape is the only thing that feels just right to me.

This is why I don't have a car.

Castles in the Sky

I dreamed of this years ago. Somebody took the dream from my head and put it in the sky.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Writing and Hair

Thanks to The Rejectionist for this cool site - it analyses your writing and tells you who you're most comparable to. I got Margaret Atwood, which is a nice compliment, but looking at Tea Berry-Blue's research into the site, it would appear that the person responsible for the coding may not be lovely sort of person you might hope.

Apart from generally procrastinating on the internet and watching 9-5 today, I have also finished One Day by David Nicholls (it's not without fault, but I did cry buckets at the end, which was exactly what I needed), and dyed my hair a shade of red that made the water I rinsed with look like a river of blood. Not sure that last part was the best idea ever, since I have to give a presentation at a very important sales conference with work in a couple of weeks. I need to look important and respectable in a way that blood-red hair may not quite enable me to do. I'm hoping that if I team it with a lovely green vintage dress, I will look charming and memorable, which is about the best I can ever hope for.

Later, I will be baking cookies for a party at work and doing some more crafting. All in all a lovely weekend, but it is conspicuously missing any time spent writing. I cannot even consider writing anything without shuddering with revulsion at the thought of my output. I think I may have to ease my way back into this with a resurrection of a fiction journal.

More Crafting

I have previously made a purple cupcake purse using this tutorial, found via Whip-up.

It started to look very tatty after rattling around in the bottom of my messy bag for over a year, so I made a new one. It's a little bit more grown up...maybe 25 is too old to be making cupcake purses, or maybe I just needed a change:

This is the first crafting I've done since moving down here. I couldn't bring any of my craft supplies with me, and I've been feeling a little lost without them. Luckily when I was down in Devon recently with my HLP we found a lovely little craft shop, where I got the heart ribbon (amongst other things). Then today I went to investigate the only craft shop in this one-horse town and found it was actually far better than I thought it was going to be. Sure, it's nowhere near as good as my favourite places back home, but it is still really good. I got everything else needed for the purse, including the lovely button there.

Thursday, 15 July 2010


Loving this.


Dear Bacardi,
Up yours!
Sincerely, Who am I kidding, I'll be back

Dear girlfriend,
Please forgive me. I just bought a ring. I'm afraid to give it to you, because I know eventually you will die, which will break my heart.
Sincerely, sir.

Dear Scooby Doo,
Please don't ever go away. You are the best dog I've never had.
Sincerely, Basking In Nostalgia.

Dear all of my friends,
Please stop getting married and having babies..we are in our 20's!
Sincerely, Single lady that is glad that at least I can get drunk and slutty at your wedding.

Rejectionist joy

Today was Wednesday, but it felt so far from Friday that it might have well as been Monday. Check out the Rejectionist for a way to let the Monday feeling out.

I'm going to take a bath, with every nice smelling bubbly soothing pink thing I can find thrown in. If only someone would rub my feet, I think I could get back to feeling alive again.

Also, I just found this today, and I keep switching between loving and hating it. Either way I'm really impressed with it, why don't I have the marketing budget to get Snoop?

Monday, 12 July 2010


I have lots of things to write about - so many lovely things have happened recently. But later, OK? Just not right now, if that's alright.

For now:

"To write one's first novel is not just to learn how to tell one's own story as if it were someone else's. It is at the same time to become a person who can imagine a novel from start to finish in a balanced way, who can express this dream in words and sentences." Orhan Pamuk, intro to Paris Review Interviews 2.

I am in no way that person.