Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Good Things

Good things I've done recently:

Finished my essay
Finished In Cold Blood
Made and listed some more earrings on Etsy
Learned how to make chocolates at Cocoadance
Got the internship in the archives
Finally had time to get back into working on my writing
Interviewed Jenn Ashworth
Had an impromptu sleepover with this beautiful girl
Bought three new dresses
Written my other blog as regularly as I'd aimed to

I've done most of that in the last week, and yet somehow it feels like I've done nothing. I'm sitting down today to do a big edit on chapter one of the novel I'm writing and I needed a bit of a boost. I started working on the chapter yesterday - just working out what needed doing - and there's a lot more work to be done that I'd previously thought. Fingers crossed.


  1. Will i just finished the AS Byatt and it feels almost - almost - i could weep from the battered clarity, the slow retreat from sentiment, all the careful ends that are tied up so delicately. and they hold something both fragile and absolute, though maybe that is why this sense that you're left with - that it IS, and only is, smiles serenely down on you. i also feel, just - so warm and tired and summer-sweaty with an even open-endedness that delivers me nowhere. love you. talk to me soon xxxxxxxxxx