Saturday, 16 January 2010

Fifty Crows

Crows are everywhere with me today - I was reading the Ted Hughes Paris Review interview and he was discussing what a powerfully impressive bird it is and how it's central to many mythologies. The later, I came across a really interesting website dedicated to social change photography, it's called Fifty Crows. It has a really interesting and varied blog as well, which I'd highly recommend.

The website's not got very obvious navigation. You have to click on the photographers tab at the top and then click on the years on the left to bring out the photographer's names in little drop-down tabs.

I have to give a warning about this site though, lots of the images are difficult to look at (the Stephanie Sinclair ones especially so I found) - that's their objective, to be confrontational about socially important issues. Don't look at the site if you're feeling a bit fragile, save it until you're in the right mood to deal with it, and then try to fully take in what it shows you.

Edit: Another interesting photo-link, info on the Bang-Bang Club. See here for info on Kevin Carter, a member of the club, who killed himself because he was haunted by the things he saw while working as a photojournalist.

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