Friday, 11 June 2010


Today, work was nothing but meetings. Even though they're part of my job and things were discussed or information was disseminated in the meetings that needed to be so, I still felt like I was wasting time I could have spent doing real work.
A good thing that came out of one of the meetings was that I found out about the publication of this book. I feel it will be too popular for me to rustle up a copy from somewhere at work, and I'm sure someone would notice if I got the warehouse to deliver me a book that's totally unrelated to my job. Maybe I will have to purchase it, with actual money...perhaps I should just set up an account with work - let them hold back some of my wages to be spent on books, rather than going through the dance of them putting it into my account, me withdrawing it, and then giving it straight back to them. It's like being at Blackwells all over again. I think the book trade is bad for me.

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