Sunday, 20 June 2010

Royal Ascot

I went to Royal Ascot yesterday, it was a very lovely day trip. I went with a group of people from work, and though it was very nice, I think next time I'll go back with a few friends or family members. There isn't really much to do apart from bet (which I do incredibly badly) and watch the races. It really is all about the socialising.

Oddly, one of the most amazing parts was going to the toilets. I went (foolishly) after the Queens Jubilee race, as did every other woman at Ascot. The toilets were down a little path, and there were hundreds of cubicles in one giant tent-room. All of the ladies there crammed into the tent, chattering with their friends, with their little feathered hats and head-gear bobbing. It was like being a battery-farmed chicken. It had that odd sensation of being something totally new - something that I've never experienced before. I love that feeling.

Additionally, I did make all of £3.60 on a horse that came in 3rd, all of my other bets lost as though they were doing it to spite me. And I managed to get very sunburned.

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